Bradley proposes to his gf at WWA Atlanta and Harry loses it!

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In that photo I was getting my hair done by Lou Teasdale. Lou’s daughter, Lux, destroyed my grooming time and took my attention away and actually because of that my quiff didn’t stand quite right. It was all Lux’s fault! +

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im so ready for round 3

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Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. —F. Scott Fitzgerald (via henretta84)
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Probably conversations louisandharry have twice a week

Harry: louis those pants are way too tight I can literally see the indention a of your curves
Louis: that means so much coming from the boy whose penis can't even breathe in his pants
Harry: what tattoos should we get next
Louis: I don't know getting our names tattooed on to each other is a bit much at least we already have our first words tattooed god when did we become so sappy
Harry: louis your tanktops sleeves are way to open I could literally stick my head inside your shirt
Louis: well my dear Harold you sir have your boobs basically hanging out of your shirts so don't dare complain
Louis: fuck that ha hell yes
Harry: you aren't badass louis I can literally pick you up and carry you wherever I want please honey stop youre like a hyperactive puppy
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